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The latest novel by John C. Koutze available now in both paperback and PDF (download).

cover_50Marooned in the far north, Draymond Raltan flees the conquering armies of two empires.  Thinking all government and military presence of his former allegiances gone, he marries into the local populace and settles.  But betrayal and death force him to leave and begin a driven quest to exact revenge!

Meanwhile in the still cold though milder southern climes of Menetus, the remnants of the former planet nation tolerate imperial occupation. Their conquerors from the planet Cryte are after all far more lenient than the harsh Ishtians who control the planet's northern half.

Some locals even profit from it, collaborating with the Cryton imperial forces in return for security and peace. Others struggle with the moral dilemma, wanting their home planet free once again. Some resist, yet others value human life and strive to keep all sides in the struggle in accord, and thus less bent on mutual destruction. Draymond Raltan eventually returns, and the mix ignites with intrigue and conflict!